Winter is coming – our top tips to make sure your garden survives…

For The Love of Gardens

Winter is soon to be upon us, and after all your hard work over the warmer months, we want to make sure you don’t fall at the last hurdle. In Perth, WA, we are very fortunate to still experience a mild climate during the autumn and winter seasons, although don’t be fooled, the slight drop in temperature can still cause havoc when it comes to maintaining a lush lawn and keeping certain plants fruitful.

We’ve put together our top tips to make sure your garden not only survives winter, but ¬†will be thriving come spring!

  1. Lawn Care

    Fertilizing your lawn before the cold sets will help keep it healthy during the cold winter months. At For The Love of Landscapes we also offer organic fertilizer options, for those who want to go green.

  2. It’s time to aerate

    Aerating your lawn will loosen compacted soil, allowing water, air and nutrients to reach the grass roots, this will help them grow deeper and result in a more luscious lawn. For best results, use an aerating machine to remove a plug or dirt. Other options include wearing spikes on your shoes or raking.

  3. PH is key

    Check the PH level of your soil – the optimal level is 6.5, and should result in a healthy garden. If your levels are off, no problem, we can treat the soil accordingly.|

  4. Longer is better

    Change your mower to a higher level. Longer grass will help protect your lawn from the cold, so make sure you don’t trim back your garden too short during winter.

  5. More mulch

    Add a thick layer of mulch to protect your garden beds from the cold – this will help your flowers and plants come back stronger in spring.

  6. Prune to perfection

    Winter is the best time to prune back all your shrubs, trees and roses. These plants will go dormant during winter, so it’s best to get them in the shape you want for Spring. Try to prune roses just after the last bloom, this will give them time to recover from the pruning before the cold hits.

Need a hand?

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