Summer Gardening Tips

The Western Australian heat can play havoc on your garden – it’s the time of year you’ll want to make the most of the warmer weather and enjoy long evenings entertaining in the backyard… however summer is also the harshest climate for your plants, so to make sure your lawn stays lush and your flowers continue to bloom, we’ve put together some handy tips to keep on top of the summer sun. So whether it’s you or your gardener keeping an eye on things, or you’re a lover of garden pottering, don’t forget that a thirsty garden is not a good look!

Having said that, at For The Love of Landscapes we’re all about enjoying a sustainable summer, so keep water saving in mind – make sure you know which days you can water with a little help from the water corp, and try not to let any of the precious substance go to waste.

Summer is officially here – December!

  1. During Perth summer black beetles are out in full force, emerging from holes in your lawn – take time to prevent an infestation by checking your numbers and treating your lawn with an insecticide before it’s too late. Don’t be put off, a couple are fine and can actually help aerate your lawn, so just keep an eye out.
  2. Take care to prune lightly during December, as heavy pruning will likely burn your plants – Perth summer can be a scorcher, and you don’t want to leave your plants without any protection from the harsh rays.
  3. Planning a summer holiday? Before heading off, make sure to add water storing crystals to pots to keep them well watered for as long as possible – these can easily be picked up from your local garden centre.
  4. December is scale insects breeding season, so make sure to inspect more susceptible plants. Just a small amount – simply take to them with a toothbrush and scrape them away, or if your plants are carpeted with these little nasties, cut back some of the infected leaves, spray with an eco-oil, or give your gardener a call!

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January a new year full of new ideas

  1. During summer, give your roses a light prune, simply removing dead heads, and make sure you give them a good, regular feed of soluble plant feed from your local garden centre.
  2. Mow your lawn on a more regular basis to keep it healthy, and keep it well fertilised – due to the Western Australian temperature, it’s best not to use a granule fertiliser, but replace it for a water soluble one as to not burn the grass. Gardener’s Note: don’t feed your lawn in the middle of a hot sunny day, stick to the cooler hours early morning or after sunset.
  3. January is a good time to fertilise all your garden beds due to the heat – during summer your plants can always do with that additional boost to keep them bountiful.

February – spread the love and keep on top of your yard

  1. With high temperatures and showers, this usually results in a high humidity level , making this time the peak season for fungal diseases! These are the most likely to hit your Perth home, so keep a look out for:
    · Powdery mildew
    · Rust
    · Black spot

Prevention is always better than cure, so try and water your plants in the morning rather than the evening when you can, and also give plants that are prone to disease, such as veggies and roses a good dose of potassium. This will help the plant build up resistance to disease.

Now you’re armed with everything your garden needs to brave the Perth heat, it’s time to enjoy the warm weather and make the most of all your hard work!

Need a helping hand? The green fingers of our gardeners are at the ready – simply give us a call on 0415 279 295 or fill-out an enquiry form for a FREE quote to get your garden looking its best.

David, For The Love of Landscapes